About BIU

Who we are

BIU is a private university that has been approved by Ordinance No. 610/136 of February 3, 2014 of the Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research. BIU operates on the axes of vocational training, Bachelor and Master. In accordance with Ordinance No. 610/284 of March 12, 2018 of the same authority of the aforementioned Minister, BIU is the only university accredited in Burundi for the Master’s program in Finance of Market and Monetary Policy on one hand, Integration, Trade and International Investment on the other hand.

BIU was created to fill the gap in high quality training in line with international standards in Business Management and Science & Technology to serve the national, regional and international job market. Internationally renowned foreign universities and national partners are in collaboration with BIU for the success of the training rich in diversity in the field of Business at large.

Our vision and mission

Burundi, with a rich historical and cultural heritage, and firmly committed to the path of economic development, must implement a higher education in high-level business.
The driving force of a moving Burundi, BIU is committed to the training of future leaders , change makers and impregnated with a spirit of active citizenship.
BIU aspires to be one of the leading business schools in Africa according to international standards and offers a specialized and adapted professional training.

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Why Choosing BIU ?


BIU offers modern academic courses that take into account the business environment and the society in which we live and are part of our current activities. By implementing and following international standards, BIU will train you to become a fully bilingual and therefore competitive professional in the East African region and abroad.

The “English Corner” club


Initiated and facilitated by one of our English teachers, this club is intended for students and BIU staff members and other BIU related individuals who wish to improve their spoken English skills through discussions on various topics.



A large demand for books at the IBB (International Book Bank) for the library has been launched. BIU is expecting a number of book donations from some of its international partners and supporters. We also negotiate links with the electronic libraries of partner universities.