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Registrations are in progress at Bujumbura International University

Registrations are in progress at Bujumbura International University

Registrations are underway in Bujumbura International University Bujumbura International University (BIU) has been operating for a few years now, at the main university which is located at Kigobe, Cinquantenaire Avenue, number 6 ; the registration of new students for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Indeed, on the eve of the closing of the 2014-2015 academic year for learners of its first two promotions, BIU has just launched the call for registration for the recruitment of new students.

Several candidates have already presented themselves and the numbers are increasing. Many young people come with their parents, older brothers and sisters, or colleagues from previous promotions

A student among those already enrolled in this establishment discusses the benefits already seen at BIU : "Bujumbura International University provides baccalaureate training to international standards, quality and low cost," he says.

"After a journey of only three years, we will certainly be transformed into excellent businessmen, true bi-lingual (French-English) ; therefore, indisputable citizens of the world and especially the East African Community ", reassures said student.

As a reminder, BIU is a private academic institution that started its activities in 2013. Its courses are taught in English up to 80% in order to make its winners sufficiently competitive on the local, regional and international business market.

During the next academic year, some scholarships will be awarded to some bright students who do not have enough resources to pay all the required academic fees.