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BIU has just subsidized its courses and scholarships are now available

Bujumbura International University (BIU) is pleased to announce to the general public, parents, alumni and candidates of the new class for the 2015-2016 academic year in particular ; that teaching at this university has just been subsidized and scholarships are now available. The following measures have just been taken by the competent authority of BIU :

- A reduction in fees and Minerval, now totaling 450 000 Fbu per year has been decided. The remaining fees will be subsidized by BIU.

- A scholarship of excellence will be awarded to any BIU student, any student, who has earned a mark of 70% or higher for BIU for alumni, and the State Examination for New Entrants. The latter will pay 300 000 Fbu instead of 450 000 Fbu. However, students who will not be able to maintain the same performance (minimum score of 70%) will automatically lose this advantage and will be obliged to pay the full costs, 450 000 Fbu.

- A scholarship equivalent to 100% of academic fees will be awarded to outstanding students without resources who have requested. A scholarship application form will soon be made available to students who wish to bid on this type of scholarship.

N.B . : All these measures will apply over the next three years and BIU will be able to reanalyze the situation and make other important decisions. It should also be noted that the actual value of the Minerval and registration fees remains fixed at 1050 USD, or about 2 million Fbu per year, but that BIU has taken this measure of grant and scholarship taking into account the situation. socio-economic of the moment.