Welcome to BIU

Welcome Message to Bujumbura International University


It is our pleasure to introduce Bujumbura International University (BIU), a University with particularities on the African Higher Education Market.

Bujumbura International University will help you develop a career in the various trades that characterize business, business management information and communication technology. You will be equipped to overcome the linguistic, cultural and other challenges posed by the globalization. Therefore, Bujumbura International University is the place to prepare your future.

In your first few months Bujumbura International University works through intensive courses given by very experienced lecturers, to elevate your faculties of written and spoken expression in English. Thus, in your first year you will be able to take your specialization courses 40% in French and 60% in English and this linguistic balance will be maintained to the end of your studies. In addition to courses, Bujumbura International University ensures, through internships in companies, seminars, extra-curricular activities and study trips in Burundi and abroad, to make you a professional at practical, enterprising and open to the world.

The management of Bujumbura International University has set itself the goal of becoming the first university institution in East Africa to obtain in the medium term the most prestigious international accreditation in the fields of specialization it offers. "