Welcome to BIU

Welcome Message to Bujumbura International University


It is our pleasure to introduce you to Bujumbura International University and know its basics.

You want a career in Management, Marketing, Business, Trade and Sales, Banking, Supply Chain, Business Consulting/Consultancy, Market Finance and Monetary Policy, International Investment, Science and Technology etc. Bujumbura International University is the ideal place to learn the skills required by recruiters or with a spirit of entrepreneurship and start a business.

Dear readers and students, the Bujumbura International University’s goal is to make you experts of the economic world (macro) and company (micro) both operational and strategists, flexible and specialized, able to be a manager as much as an entrepreneur. BIU organizes professional and specialized training offered in Burundi and / or in France. The trainings are based on pedagogy with case studies.

Courses are taught in French and English by research professors or business professionals.
This proximity to the economic world is also manifested by periods of compulsory internships.

The university you have chosen has partnerships abroad to provide students with international experience.

Dear readers, dear students, some questions may come to mind (such as job search) especially when the student has obtained a Master’s degree, it must be said that to the extent of the evolution especially the private sector in Burundi many sectors will open their doors like banks, finance, marketing, consulting firms, agribusiness, supply chain, trade services etc.

Choosing Bujumbura International University gives you guarantees of quality in terms of recognition by the State of Burundi, international accreditations, ease of access to the University by its location in Bujumbura Mairie GIHOSHA area - KIGOBE SUD fiftieth avenue number 6 ; the right equipment and the multicultural atmosphere.

Dear readers, dear students, there are other good reasons for choosing Bujumbura International University :

-  Accurate supervision and total support with personalized coaching ;

-  It impacts knowledge of the (industry & Academia ) exposure

-  International exposure at your reach ;

-  A prestige Curriculum Vitae ;

-  A spirit entrepreneurial culture etc.

In nutshell, we wish you success in your studies and thank you for informing the other student candidates to our University to share our success.

To all

Welcome to Bujumbura International University