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Call for applications for master’s training/program

Bujumbura International University is launching a call for applications for master’s academic training/program.

-  Market Finance and Monetary Policy
-  International Integration, Trade and Investment.

Bujumbura International University is a private academic institution with a bilingual education (French and English) and in accordance with Ordinance No. 610/284 of 12 March, 2018 of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, BIU is the only accredited university in the world. Burundi for the Master’s program in Market Finance and Monetary Policy, on the one hand, International Integration, Trade, and Investment on the other hand.

The BIU is working with other European, American, Asian and African Universities and Grandes Ecoles for the success of high-quality training and thus enable Burundians to move at the national, regional and international levels.
Requirements for the Master :

-  The courses are open to young graduates and civil servants, employees with the minimum level of University Degrees at the level of three years after the humanities.

-  Experience in the field of business required for additional courses for those who are not graduates in economics and business management.

-  English level test is required at registration and an intensive 3-month English course is organized for middle-level candidates.

The files including the Curriculum Vitae, the Certified Copy of the Diploma are deposited with the Academic Secretariat against payment of registration fees at the University located at Kigobe, Cinquantenaire Avenue, number 6
Phone 22278533
E-mail : info@biu.bi.
The beginning of the training : 04 February 2019.
Come and build your own universe and places are limited.